The Joy of Life / Showing Your Happiness CD Number 9

The Joy of Life / Showing Your Happiness CD Number 9

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Did anyone ever tell you, ‘Be happy no matter what?’ or ‘Fill your mind with happy thoughts?’. If you find that impossible, then this program is for you!

Midwest Research’s approach to this program is somewhat different. Happiness is viewed as the opposite to anger. Anger is your most health-hindering emotion, specifically suppressed anger, which in time plays havoc with your body’s natural immune defense system.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to create and maintain a positive, happy attitude about your life. We need to look for the good in all situations and to eliminate the negatives from your life.

Negatives accomplish nothing good, so why give them power and consideration? Life should be fun and you should enjoy it. That’s what this program on happiness is designed to create, a feeling that is positive and fun. Your life can be fun, simply smile and feel good, enjoy your life, be a happy person. Like people and people will like you. Look forward to each new day with a feeling of happiness. Be active, be happy and enjoy life – your health depends on it. This program will help to make that happen.