Stress Control SCWL Subliminal Programs CD Number 3

Stress Control SCWL Subliminal Programs CD Number 3

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This SCWL Stress Program One Of Our First, It Is Among Our Most Effective


When you experience stress it can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including mental and physical tension, strain, burden and tenseness and more. Chances are you have dealt with this and its insidious effects.

This SCWL Stress program is one of our first, and is among our most effective. It deals with both mental and physical stress. Everyone has a tolerance for stress, some greater than others. The script for this program is one of the most elaborate. It takes the physical body completely through a relaxation technique as well as mental relaxation. You enjoy a feeling of inner peace and tranquility as your tension melts away.

This transformational program has proven to be a long term benefit, and you can use it whenever you feel the need, which could quite possibly add years to your life.