Self Discipline CD Number 79

Self Discipline CD Number 79

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This SCWL program could possibly be the most powerful program that we have ever developed. Get in control, take charge of your life.....

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1.) Discipline and the training of oneself: usually for improvement.

Start paying attention to what you're saying about yourself. 
consciously aware of the voice within, the shadow beliefs that you have that are keeping you where you are at. 
Once you become aware of what you are thinking and saying you can change those thoughts. 
This program will help you in that quest.

The ability to control your behavior so that you do what you should do.

It is recommended that you write down your goals, write down your dreams so they are no longer just a wish. 
List your ambitions, what do you want to do and become. 
Build a mission statement, Franklin-Covey has an excellent Mission Statement Builder.