Attracting Money CD Number 523  **** Special ****

Attracting Money CD Number 523 **** Special ****

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Bring money to you. Attract it. Have and accept it. This program brings prosperous thinking for everyone who listens to it...

..... designed to heighten acceptance of abundance being a natural state of the universe. This program encourages prosperous thinking by taking the user (you and those listening with you) through steps outlined below such as, but not limited to:

acknowledging money existing in abundance, allowing/welcoming money to come to you, validating one's willingness to accept riches, confirming that we deserve these riches, recalling the enjoyment of having money, respecting money. The user (you and those listening with you) is encouraged to trust the universe to support your desires and goals. An important point here is for the user not to limit where or how the money will flow to them, as positive, unlimited abundance is a right of every human being. When we place ourselves physically and mentally in alignment with our goals and desires, we will naturally attract people and opportunities that will respond with positive results.